Music and Video

Getting into mixing - powerful but lots to learn. Currently I use a collection of two or three different models of field recorders with some room mic'ing but mostly, when circumstances allow, taking direct outs or the REC OUT from the board. I'm still at the early part of the learning curve about such techniques as compression. Fun stuff.

Here's my most recent effort, be patient - it takes a few moments to load and play.

I shot this video at the final open mic night hosted by Fireflies Restaurant, closing on Christmas Eve after 15 years in the community of Del Ray in Alexandria. We'll miss the music venue. This is Jon Eye, a teacher, artist, and performer I captured that last night. Later in the video, I begin aligning my edits with his rap poetry for some interesting results.

Jon Eye at the final Fireflies open mic night, December 2017

The one, the only, Leroy Lightning - there's really nothing more to say...

Earlier work, mostly with DEMZ (Dennis, Ed, Mark, and Zach), who've been gracious enough to allow me to dive in and really learn video and sound.