is my site for personal projects, collaborations, and just plain fun. These activities include video and audio productions. Currently, I am making live audio and video recordings of local band performances. Let me know if you have any interesting projects, especially local charitable and community activities, we might be able to collaborate on.

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Events - Music and more

Del Ray has an active arts scene, including music. I enjoy shooting performances and am expanding into video with quality audio. A local band, DEMZ, has been very supportive in allowing me to develop my competence. They're a fun group and put on a good show.




Capturing scenes, vignettes from the continuous theatre that is the street.


Sports and Action - Alexandria Aces

I've been privileged to photograph the Alexandria Aces home games at the Frank Mann Field in the Del Ray community of Alexandria, Virginia, starting in the summer of 2016. It's always a thrill to try to capture a gripping image of the action. I hope you enjoy some of my photographs and are inspired to attend the games and support the team. Visit the Aces official site at:



Del Ray is walkable community in the City of Alexandria, Virginia, with an old-fashioned Main Street, Mt. Vernon Avenue, referred locally as "the Avenue". The arts scene and community activities make it an attractive location and I'm very happy to be here. 


Personal Projects


For my first "personal project", I went to the March for Science to ask participants to discuss #whyscience4me". I'll compile the video interviews into a YouTube documentary - definitely stretching myself. As of September 2017, I've organized and reviewed the files but there's no editing yet. I'm currently settling into a new location and expect to produce and publish the video before the end of the year - science and, apparently, science videos move slowly.
#whyscience4me #MarchforScience